Driven by trends including an increased need for lower IT energy consumption, of particular importance in Africa, Vertiv has announced the local availability in Africa of the Vertiv SmartCabinet 2.

A self-contained micro data centre for edge computing applications, the SmartCabinet 2 also assists with requirements for a smaller micro data centre, aligned to today’s increased virtualisation and cloud use, which have limited the requirement for on-premises IT infrastructure.

The SmartCabinet 2 offers the features of a complete data centre in a compact and rapidly deployable package, meeting the requirements of smaller edge computing sites. The system includes an enclosed rack, a 3500W Vertiv Liebert integrated cooling unit, plus a Vertiv Liebert uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a power management unit, in a cabinet that is smaller in height, width and depth than other Vertiv SmartCabinet offerings.

Scrutiny over data sovereignty – where data is subject to the laws and governance structures of where it’s collected – and compliance requirements have resulted in greater demand for similar infrastructure in factories, retail outlets, and educational institutes. The Vertiv SmartCabinet 2 can be equipped with enhanced security feature options, including video surveillance. The LED lighting around the system can be customised to suit customer branding, given in many cases it will be in sight of staff and end users.

SmartCabinet 2 is the latest addition to Vertiv’s broad range of integrated data centre solutions.