Digital transformation and the need to embrace a multi-cloud environment have disrupted the corporate landscape over the past 19 months. More than ever, business and technology decision-makers are looking for insights and guidance on how concepts such as multi-cloud, security, virtualisation, and application modernisation will impact their strategies in the months and years to come.

Addressing these and many other multi-cloud questions, VMworld 2021 will be an exclusively online 48-hour event running from October 5 to 7 where delegates can network and learn by ‘following the sun’ around the world.

This year’s global event features numerous thought leaders and luminaries, including award-winning actor, best-selling author, and patient advocate Michael J. Fox; planetary protection engineer Dr Moogega Cooper; VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram; and VMware president Sumit Dhawan.

“Fundamentally, the foundation of IT has been redefined with the availability of consistent cloud infrastructure and operations that provide businesses across industry sectors with the freedom to operate regardless of their geographic location. Multi-cloud takes this to a different level by empowering organisations to innovate more effectively on their application and data journeys,” says Lorna Hardie, Regional Director SSA at VMware.

As part of this, the impetus falls on application modernisation initiatives that require the right tools to facilitate quick and secure development. This deployment must extend to managing cloud-native applications and overhauling existing solutions and infrastructure to meet the agile demands of today’s evolving technology landscape.

“Automation has become an increasingly important building block to help achieve this and unlock the opportunities that the multi-cloud can deliver. But for automation to be truly effective, it requires a network that is consistent, comprehensive, and programmable from its core to the cloud and even the edge of computing,” says Ian Jansen van Rensburg Chief Technologist SSA at VMware.

In fact, the past several months have shown just how important computing at the edge has become. Companies need to analyse data as close to the source as possible to create immersive customer experiences and activate new revenue streams. Building from this is a renewed focus on end-user devices. Not only has working remotely changed how companies approach these, but the way these are managed by IT will see a changing of the guard. Now, it is about providing the applications and data that employees need and equipping companies with out of the box experiences to scale effortlessly across platforms, locations, and device ownership models.

VMworld 2021 provides extensive learning tracks across all these, and other technology fundamentals required today whether it is security, the need for practical innovation, or even just inspiring changing within the organisation. It also has global best practice insights from customers that range from BMW, Deutsche Telekom, T- Mobile, FedEx, Zoom, and others. These sessions are designed to provide business relevant examples of how the multi-cloud can be leveraged for dynamic and successful growth regardless of industry sector.

“Before business and technology leaders can build and evolve to what is coming, they must be able to imagine it and be able to get the flexibility required to redefine traditional processes, systems, and infrastructure. An event such as VMworld 2021 delivers the platform for VMware customers, partners, community members, and employees to share their digital transformation stories. Discuss the innovative solutions they have been using and provides best practices to help guide organisations into the new operating environment built around the multi-cloud,” adds Hardie.

Solutions built around the dynamics of the multi-cloud can accelerate cloud migration, run Kubernetes consistently at the scale needed, and provide the efficiency across operations to get demonstratable business returns.

“The multi-cloud has many facets. New approaches to help architect a hybrid and multi-cloud environment are continuously developed. But beyond this, leaders must be able to unify management and gain complete visibility of their cloud real estate if they are to accelerate service delivery and lower costs. Much of the success of business today comes down to how best to modernise IT infrastructure and embrace a hyperconverged stack of computing, networking, storage, and Kubernetes in a consistent manner. VMworld 2021 explores these and many other relevant business concerns,” says Jansen van Rensburg.


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