Hikvision’s multi-sensory Security Inspection solutions provide detection accuracy via a wide range of product options with a user-friendly experience.

The HikCentral Professional software platform offers seamless integration and easy management, so devices can be managed in one place – and it can be done remotely. Networked devices transmit real-time detection results, alarm information, and live data to the platform, simplifying centralised management and reducing communication costs. Video verification enables operators to easily link items with their respective owners, facilitating quick access and evidence gathering.

Products in Hikvision’s Security Inspection range include an X-Ray scanner offering intelligent, accurate detection for luggage, with built-in AI technology to assist to identify more than 35 kinds of prohibited items, HD quality imagery, video and image to quickly identify the owner, easy remote checking of any X-ray machine online. and reduced operation training cost.

Person detection products include the Hikvision walk-through metal detectors range for external detection of prohibited items. These offer 33 detection zones that light up at the specific areas the items are found, a 29-inch touchscreen display with people-counting capability and temperature reading, plus the ability to log into the system from a remote location.

Walk-through metal detectors for the internal detection of prohibited items can detect non-metal items such as liquids, powder and more. They use AI technology with no radiation risk and providing privacy in a walk-in booth that is contact-free making it safe for all. The device has a fast rate check of about four seconds per person.

Hikvision also has assistant detection products in the security inspection range, including Explosive & Drugs detection system, Handheld Liquid detector and the Anti-Explosion container.

Hikvision Security Inspection Solution could be used in inland airports, railway terminal, seaports, banks, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, police stations, jails, court, embassies and military bases.