By Yesh Surjoodeen – Side-hustles have become ubiquitous in modern society, as the country’s constrained economic outlook and growth, high inflation and the resultant high cost of living, implore South Africans to explore other avenues of generating revenue beyond their full-time jobs.

According to a recent Brandmap survey, 43% of households with a monthly income of R10 000 and above have a secondary income, and for 30% of this comes from side hustling such as running small businesses, home industries, and working in completely different jobs than their main work.

Contemporary side-hustlers – often referred to as slashers – embody roles such as an educator, photographer, consultant (and numerous other roles) harnessing their diverse talents, skills, and interests. This emerging trend reflects the fact that 56% of the middle-class population in South Africa’s income now derive from multiple sources. However, bringing business ideas to life for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to diversify their income streams through side-hustles involves more than just the aspiration to do so – it requires the right equipment too.

To juggle their multifaceted careers, young professionals across the country are looking to their devices to ensure they are reliably connected, and to scale their business reach. In an effort to comprehend the escalating trend in the realm of work, HP engaged with 6 500 consumers spanning five different African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. This research yielded enlightening insights into how the tech industry should perceive its consumer base.

Beyond being a mere tool, technology serves as a vital ally for young entrepreneurs in search of always ready, easily accessible and secure devices. Whether it’s a printer capable of direct printing from their preferred device, ensuring impressive results with sharp and vibrant printouts, or a laptop equipped with an extended battery life and a high-resolution screen, technology plays a pivotal role in positioning them for success.

Versatility, functionality, and connectivity – those are the non-negotiable deliverables South African side-hustlers want at the click of their keyboards as they navigate a new era of work that is multifaceted in scope and reach.

As the most widely owned laptop and printer brand with a continental footprint, HP plays a crucial role in ensuring that African businesses stay at the forefront of the growth curve. HP’s portfolio is designed to meet the needs of slashers working from home or on the go, maximizing productivity and convenience.

The HP EliteBook series, for instance, alongside the HP Pavilion and HP Envy exemplify the capability to fulfill these needs by offering mobility, versatility, and reliable performance for slashers. Similarly, HP’s Smart Tank printer range simplifies access to high-volume printing, bringing ideas to life on the page for those working from home.

In this day and age, ease of workflow management and output can come at the click of a keypad – and for slashers working smart is just as important as working hard.


Yesh Surjoodeen is the Southern Africa MD at HP