Tarsus Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with energy storage specialist Enertec Batteries for the distribution of Enertec Megatank energy solutions.

The new range complements the distributor’s power products portfolio and aims to address the ongoing shortage of energy storage products as South Africans struggle to cope with increased power cuts that have hit households and businesses across the country.

“Whether it’s for your home or business, investing in backup power options can provide a lifeline during ongoing load shedding periods,” says Diana Hughes, business unit manager at Tarsus Distribution. “We have extended our offering of advanced energy technologies by partnering with Enertec so that we can help businesses to keep essential devices running until the power is restored.”

Tarsus Distribution customers will soon have access to a range of Enertec Megatank power solutions, solely distributed in South Africa by Enertec Batteries.

Enertec Megatank Portable Power Stations, which are available in 600W and 1 000W sizes, have multiple port options (AC, USB plugins, and wall outlets), fast charging methods to cater for many applications, and ergonomic handles for added convenience. With a multi-level adjustable LED lamp, smart LCD screen and a lithium battery, the Portable Power Station is the perfect alternate back-up power solution as it keeps devices and appliances energised on the go. It’s also extremely quiet.

Enertec Megatank LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Energy Storage Batteries, which communicate with most popular inverter brands are scalable 5,12KWh modular batteries that can be quickly and easily installed, whether wall-mounted or floor-mounted. These batteries will do 6000 cycles at 70% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

LiFePO4 batteries are extremely reliable and have a longer cycle life when compared to lead acid, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or Gel batteries. This makes them ideal for renewable energy storage systems that require frequent charging and discharging. They can  be charged quickly, ensuring the batteries are ready for the next load shed.

These batteries also work with the Lalela inverters distributed by Tarsus Distribution.

Megatank products are in stock and available now through Tarsus Distribution.