Tactile Technologies, a player in the sub-Saharan African touch screen and barcode scanning industry, has signed a partnership with start-up ExiPay group to bring payment technologies to Tactile clients.

ExiPay partners with Finimo Solutions to provide the software development services to create new merchant-facing payment solutions, while ExiPay Africa will onboard and switch relevant Tactile customers using the tender-agnostic switching capabilities developed and maintained by ExiPay Technologies.

“We are investing in growing our presence in the fast-evolving payment market,” says Mauro Mercuri, founder of Tactile Technologies. “We are already present in this ecosystem with our other product sets, however, to make further inroads we lacked a payment technology partner to complement our hardware and relationships.

“We have now found that partner in Exipay and Finimo and are hugely excited about opportunities that lie ahead of us. Exipay is a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced people exactly like the Tactile team and even from a culture point of view there is a great match between the teams.”

Alison Johnston, Tactile’s MD, says: “With our extensive market, product knowledge and wide range of payment terminals available, it only made sense to partner with ExiPay for all software development services, to offer a full end to end solution to our customers.  We have already started working on several projects with ExiPay and look forward to our long-standing relationship.”

Helmi de Villiers, ExiPay co-founder and business development executive, comments: “Partnering with Tactile created the perfect fit. Providing and supporting payment terminals and related technologies is not our core business, we however recognise that it is necessary for our business to succeed. Tactile provides this capability and this allows us to focus on doing what we do best, creating payment technologies that close existing gaps and enable our partners and customers to be innovative in the market.”

The partnership creates opportunities for both Tactile and ExiPay across each other’s footprint in sub-Saharan Africa, and also opens opportunities to incorporate a broader approach to the payment ecosystem. Both companies are growing their African footprint, and this allows them to work together in their common geographies.

Willem Büchner co-founder of ExiPay and Finimo, says: “ExiPay and Finimo exist to build and support innovative software that enables payments and business platforms to work together, and do so in support of small to medium merchants. We are excited by the opportunity to enable merchants to grow their business and grow the economy.”