Syntech Distribution has reclaimed the Customer Care Distributor of the Year Award at the 2023 Channelwise Awards.

The awards, voted for by reseller partners, goes to the distributor that offers resellers the best value-added services.

Resellers pick their favourite distributors and score them, from one to five, on a list of criteria:

  • The distributor has visible ESG (environment and social governance) programmes in place
  • The distributor has excellent availability of products and solutions
  • The distributor offers excellent after-sales service, warranty and maintenance
  • The distributor offers self-help tools so you can be productive even after hours
  • The distributor is innovative (smart portals/configuration/staging, flexible, online support, future thinking etc)
  • The distributor goes the extra mile for you
  • The distributor is good at changing and adapting
  • The distributor offers added-value services (finance/marketing/tender assistance etc)

A minimum of 50 resellers must have voted for a distributor for it to be eligible for the Customer Care Distributor of the Year award. The scores are added and averaged out to get the final scores.

Syntech Distribution ended up with an impressive score of 36,9 out of a possible total of 45.

Last year’s winner First Distribution trailed with a score of 35,2, followed by Axiz with 34,5, Tarsus with 34,1, Pinnacle with 33,3, Rectron with 32,2, Esquire with 31,8, Mustek with 31,6 and Drive Control with 30,6.