Sophos has introduced advancements to its portfolio of endpoint security offerings.

The new Sophos endpoint innovations include:

  • Adaptive active adversary protection: A core part of Sophos’ “shields up” design methodology that provides defenders with additional time needed to respond to targeted attacks underway. Sophos Intercept X immediately enables heightened defenses as soon as it detects a “hands-on-keyboard” endpoint intrusion.
  • Linux malware protection enhancements: On-access malware scanning and quarantine capabilities improve real-time prevention of security incidents within Linux operating environments.
  • Account health check: Intuitive, realtime health check monitoring of security configurations and policy settings with the ability to automatically return to recommended settings in a single click, optimising security posture and enabling organizations to promptly re-establish security best practices.
  • Integrated ZTNA agent for Windows and macOS devices: Sophos Intercept X has a modular ZTNA agent, and organiszations can now extend defenses to include Sophos ZTNA across entire estates without deploying an additional agent.
  • Faster, lightweight agent: Reduces the Windows agent’s memory footprint by 40% and the number of processes by more than 30%, accelerating the performance of applications, workloads and devices.