Servercore, a global provider of IT infrastructure and cloud services with an availability zone in Kenya, announced the launch of its Affiliate Program in Africa.

The program offers lucrative opportunities based on services each customer utilizes on Servercore and seeks to invite and form partnerships with businesses, influencers, and individuals who want to benefit from the rising demand for innovative cloud solutions in Kenya and Africa.

Affiliates will earn a 10% commission for every new client who spends up to 500 000 KES monthly on Servercore services. When the customer’s monthly expenditure exceeds 500 000 KES, the commission rises to 15%. However, when a customer’s monthly expenses drop below the 500 000 KES threshold, the monthly reward reverts to the 10% standard.

Servercore provides robust cloud services that empower Kenyan and African businesses to scale, optimize efficiency, and enhance their productivity and performance. The company provides cloud and dedicated servers, cloud databases, managed Kubernetes, data storage and recovery services, data science and analytics VMs, and more.

With an active availability zone in Nairobi, the IT infrastructure provider offers enterprise-level solutions, meaning regional businesses can run workloads and store data that must remain in-country.

Servercore customers pay for services in local currency, and get free data migration services, 99,98% SLA and free 24/7 customer service support.

Victoria Kleinbort, country manager for Kenya at Servercore, comments: ““Kenya has experienced exponential growth that has placed it at the forefront of the digital revolution in East Africa. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, has earned the nickname ‘ Silicon Savannah’ due to its rapidly growing reputation as a technology hub.

“The growth has resulted mainly from technological innovations, entrepreneurial spirit, government support, and a favourable dynamic and tech-savvy workforce.

“Tech hubs, startups, and other business enterprises are flourishing and contributing to developing innovative cloud solutions and services.

“In 2022, the Kenyan government launched a 10-year Digital Master Plan 2022-2032 to enhance Kenya’s digital economy, focusing on digital infrastructure, data management, services, skills development, and innovation. With a growing demand for digital infrastructure services in Kenya, we see a significant opportunity for our partners to tap into this market and capitalise on the digital transformation journeys of businesses in the region and beyond.”