SAS has revealed expanded capabilities to its SAS Viy® flagship data, AI and analytics platform.

New products in the Viya ecosystem include:

  • SAS Viya Workbench – a lightweight development environment that quickly spins up and executes code in a cloud-native, efficient and secure way. SAS Viya Workbench promotes a multi-language architecture, enabling users to rapidly build highly performant and production-ready models in their preferred language – Python, R or SAS.
  • An on-ramp to experience SAS Viya, SAS Viya Workbench also provides flexibility in the development environment with plans to include three clients – Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code and SAS Enterprise Guide. SAS Viya Workbench is currently available under private preview, with general availability estimated for early 2024.
  • SAS App Factory a rapid application development environment for creating fit-for-purpose, AI-driven applications. The offering automates the setup and integration of a cloud-native tech stack built on React, TypeScript and Postgres that allows developers to focus on getting models and AI-driven applications into production. SAS App Factory has planned general availability for 2024.