South Africans are ready to “shop until they drop” at the Black Friday sales this year – provided the price is right.’s Black Friday Shopping Report, which polled 1 203 South African adults, reveals 74%, or an estimated 29,5-million people, plan to shop the Black Friday sales – but only if items are discounted enough.

South African adults need an average discount of more than half price (60%) to partake in the shopping event.

One in five South Africans (21%) say they’ll need a whopping 90% discount for them to shop the sales. At the other end of the spectrum, just 3% say they could be enticed by a discount as small as 5%.

Those 25-34 years old are most likely to shop the sales, with 80% saying they’ll be enticed to shop if the price is right. Meanwhile 55-64 year-olds are least likely to take part with just 61% saying any type of discount could catch their eye.

Men are slightly more likely to have their interest piqued by a discount to shop this sales season than women, with 76% of men and 73% of women saying they’ll shop if the discount is big enough.’s consumer advocate Susannah Binsted says the next few months are a great time to pick up items you’ve had your eye on.

“We’re entering the biggest shopping season of the year, with some of the most popular sales events right around the corner including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“If you have your eye on a certain product. you might want to wait to see if it’s discounted during the sales season.”

However Binsted also says it’s a good idea to plan your shopping in advance to avoid any impulse purchases.

“Roughly three quarters of South African adults admit they could be enticed to shop the sales if the price is right.

“To avoid making unnecessary purchases, plan your shopping list in advance and have an idea of what you’re in the market for before the sales even hit. You can also ask yourself in the moment if it’s something you’d be willing to pay full price for – if the answer is yes then your discount will be all the more enjoyable.”