The first 8K TVs were introduced a few years ago but native 8K content is still relatively hard to find. Now, Sony’s Venice 2 cinema camera offers a choice between 8K and 6K sensors, both of which boast wide latitude and gamut.

With the Venice 2, filmmakers have greater freedom of expression in grading, with either 16 or 15+ stops of latitude and colour rendition. It also offers a new 8,6K full-frame image sensor and ability to shoot in any format, such as Super35 and Anamorphic.

The X-OCN format is very easy to work with in terms of computer processing power and working on it in post-production. The dual base ISO leads to good performance in low light capabilities. It also has the ability to reproduce true reflections of skin colours.

The Venice 2 Rialto (extension system), detaches from the sensor block giving the filmmaker more freedom.