Dell Technologies has updated its storage portfolio to improve cyber resiliency efficiency to lower both operational and energy costs.

PowerStoreOS 3.6 includes three key features that enhance cyber resiliency and efficiency.

  • Cyber Resiliency with Metro Witness: PowerStore’s native metro synchronous replication provides active/active, zero downtime operations, eliminating the risk of data loss due to site outages or disasters. It’s like having a mirror of your production data in two different data centres. Dell has enhanced the automation and intelligence of native metro with a new third-site witness, serving as an impartial entity, autonomously verifying the status of both sites and employing its intelligence to trigger an automatic failover to the surviving array in the event of a failure. If a failure occurs, the surviving PowerStore array contacts the witness to make the call on where to resume I/O ensuring that data remains consistent and available even in the face of network disruptions or site failures, all without any manual intervention. This added layer of intelligence delivers key benefits, including enhanced protection, flexible deployment and ease of use.
  • NVMe/TCP for vVols: NVMe/TCP for vVols combines the performance of NVMe and the streamlined provisioning and management of vVols. It offer increased speed, streamlined management and a cost-effective transition.
  • Data-in-Place Upgrades: PowerStore was designed with a continuously modern storage experience in mind, making it easy for businesses to adapt. With 3.6, Dell enables Data-in-Place upgrades for first-generation appliances, so users can upgrade controllers without disrupting critical operations, eliminate complex planning and data transfers while saving time, and boost performance for growing workloads without rebuying capacity. This feature offers next-gen performance, a non-disruptive transition and the ability to future-proof the PowerStore installation.