Cyber security specialist Obscure Technologies has announced the conclusion of a distributorship agreement with BlueVision ITM (BITM) whose solutions target early intervention and threat detection in the cyber security arena.

BITM is a multinational organisation with a product division based in Canada and a service division based in South Africa. Within its product division, BITM is an IoT focused cyber security vendor whose solution impacts the IoT ecosystem through unique, security focused sensors. These sensors detect and alert companies about cyber threats and anomaly activities outside of their secure network boundaries which helps them to be more aware and prepared for potential breaches.

The service division is based in South Africa, and its goal is to identify weaknesses and risks to businesses’ cyber security controls. BITM’s core offering consists of cyber security offensive and incident response services. In 2022 BITM achieved CREST Accreditation for Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, as well as Incident Response – CREST is a global community of cyber security businesses and professionals working to keep information safe in a digital world.

BITM director Christo Coetzer says that, at its core, BITM is committed to delivering high-quality cyber security solutions that enable clients to operate confidently and safely. “Our solutions are rooted in three fundamental tenets of practicality, impact, and value creation. We take pride in the success of our business through the quality of our deliverables as we strive to offer technology and services based on efficiency and effectiveness,” he adds.

He confirms the company made a strategic decision to collaborate with Obscure Technologies, a well-established cyber security organisation. “This partnership aims to capitalise on Obscure Technologies’ extensive distribution network and together expand our reach to a broader customer base. This will enable us to enhance our market presence and sales potential,” he says.

Francois van Hirtum, chief technology officer of Obscure Technologies, says the company is constantly expanding its portfolio to help businesses mitigate risk more comprehensively. “There is significant demand for BITM  solutions as they address the security threat landscape.

“With the inclusion of this new vendor in our portfolio, we are providing our valued partners with an opportunity to generate new revenue streams from their existing customer base while addressing a critical need in the ransomware and malware space. This offering supports business continuity and resiliency, which have both become increasingly essential, and we are excited to bring it to market,” concludes van Hirtum.