Stephan Nel, founder and CEO of the OmniDigital group of companies, has passed away.

Nel was born in Potchefstroom on 18 February 1977 and died in Pretoria on 10 April 2024.

A lifelong entrepreneur, he started his career in the IT industry at the age of 16, operating out of the garage of his home. He later opened a computer store, then moved into IT distribution and, in 2016, he fulfilled a lifelong dream and founded Omni-Digital. This company has grown into Omni Group Holdings and now includes, Omni Technical Solutions, OmniTel, Data Storage Distribution and Omni Cares.

The OmniOne concept, boxes products like data, technical services, insurance and more for customers from all the group’s companies. This encompasses Nel’s vision to make technology available to everyone at an affordable price.

Over the years, the Omni Group has partnered with a number of the industry’s leading vendors.

Nel’s inner circle has paid tribute to him as follows: “Stephan was not only known as a businessman to each and every one that he has done business with, but as a true friend, confidant, mentor and a person who will always come up with an inspiring solution in any challenging situation. For every challenge there was not only a solution but an opportunity for all, based on his meticulous attention to detail and alignment of the goals of all role-players.  Stephan’s resilience in the face of challenges and his commitment to success served as inspiration to all who had the privilege of working alongside him – a privilege indeed.”

“Beyond the boardroom, Stephan was a deeply religious man, devoted to his family and an unreplaceable friend. Despite his demanding schedule, Stephan always made time for his family and friends, bringing joy and love into their lives with every moment shared.”

“Stephan’s generosity in his private capacity knew no bounds, as he quietly supported individuals and numerous charitable causes without ever seeking recognition. Even within the Omni Group’s business a separate company, Omni Cares, exists.”

“Stephan’s legacy is not merely measured in business achievements, but in the lives that he touched, and in the hearts he uplifted and which he ad infinitum will continue to do.”

Nel leaves behind his wife Belinda, son Stephan, mother Sarie, sister Odette and her two children.