Nymbis Cloud Solutions, a cloud provider offering internationally accessible cloud services, solutions and platforms, has launched its Veeam multi-tenant backup management console into the local market, aimed at enabling Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to scale their businesses with relative ease as they look to take advantage of the growing requirement for backup and disaster recovery solutions from South African businesses.

“MSPs want to be able to position themselves as end-to-end managers of a particular solution for their customers, and providing them with this management console allows them to fulfil that aspiration. It simplifies the use of the technology and products and allows MSPs to manage hundreds of customers without having to hire more staff to manage each customer that comes on board,” says Lauren Mansfield, Senior Product Manager at Nymbis.

According to Mansfield, it has become clear that anything in the cloud should be backed up – in fact you should not have data anywhere these days without a backup, and beyond that, organisations should also have a disaster recovery plan. However, this is a highly contested market with so many products out there, and the easier you make it to use a particular product, the higher the chances that people will subscribe to that particular product suite.

“Veeam created this management console so that organisations can resell the company’s products, which can be easily packaged and sold to an MSPs customer base, without them having the in-house knowledge on how to set up the products for themselves. The management console creates convenience and ease of use that allows especially smaller MSPs to scale quickly with backup and data protection products that are easy to manage and add value to their customers,” says Mansfield.

In May this year, Nymbis became the first partner in Africa to achieve the Veeam® Reseller Ready for MSP Backup Competency, demonstrating that the company has gone beyond the norm in being able to offer its customers Veeam-powered solutions to build reliable, enterprise-grade Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offerings. Apart from highlighting that Nymbis has the skills and expertise to build the right solutions for its customers, the requirements for this certification include having Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, self-service capabilities and the ability to scale solutions as needed.

“When an MSP partners with Nymbis, growing their business and building continuous revenue streams becomes easy. We have skilled staff to assist with the onboarding of channel partners, to train MSPs to use the management console and to provide full support thereafter. As a Nymbis Partner, MSPs get access to a customisable multi-tenant portal that provides them with complete visibility and management of all their customer’s workloads, the ability to set up custom subscription plans and pricing, an alert dashboard for monitoring and remediation, and detailed reporting,” adds Mansfield.


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