NEC XON has partnered with Mimecast to complete its turnkey cybersecurity offering to South African organisations with secure email platform, integration, and managed cybersecurity services.

Mimecast is recognised by analysts and customers as one of the world’s top email security and cyber resilience companies.

“Email security is still one of the most important cybersecurity and data protection controls,” says Kevin Smith, head of cyber security at NEC XON. “It is a significant contributor among the complete managed cybersecurity services that NEC XON offers. Others include network security, SIEM (security incident and event management), XDR (extended detection and response)ulnerability management and awareness as our focus controls

Mimecast provides targeted threat protection, world-class archiving, Open APIs, and native integration for the latest threat intelligence. It helps solve the number one attack vector – email – while integrating brand protection, security awareness training, web security, compliance and other essential capabilities.

“New research from Mimecast found that 55% of South African organisations expect increasingly sophisticated attacks to be their biggest security challenge in the next year,” says Collin Kunene, channel director at Mimecast South Africa. “New hybrid ways of working have also contributed to an increase in the number of connected devices and remote workers, leading to a larger attack surface, a greater need for education around threats and a need for more advanced security.

“At the same time, we continue to see a shortage of cybersecurity skills across the globe, making it increasingly difficult for lean security teams to stay ahead of cyber threats. Organisations need a partner who can easily integrate solutions into their existing IT infrastructure and manage all of their security needs. That’s why we chose NEC XON as one of our partners.”

Smith adds: “Email is a highly relevant cybersecurity control that can eliminate much risk if matured quickly and managed consistently. Their integrations are the tightest and most complete we’ve seen, which means customers get robust end-to-end control across the entire threat landscape. It makes the process of connecting the various applications easy and that’s important to help mitigate ongoing threats, emerging vectors, and corporate risk.”

In addition to cross system integrations, NEC XON helps customers identify email security flows and processes so they can make informed architecture and policy decisions. It provides system engineering services to rearchitect these where necessary. NEC XON also helps customers manage their email chain of custody archives.

“Most organisations, faced with a critical skills shortage, need to maximise the world-class technologies they either already have in place or want to acquire,” says Smith. “That’s what we help them do, achieve the cybersecurity outcomes they need to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and protect their people, their data and their business.”