NEC Africa has announced a strategic agreement with IgKnight, its new fulfillment partner in Mauritius.

John Dewar, GM of enterprise technology Solutions at NEC Africa, says: “Taking our key product partners with us and putting human resources on the ground are pivotal steps in our expansion strategy. We’ve already employed two sales executives to drive the NEC Africa business forward in Mauritius, and we look forward to rolling out our entire range of solutions to the island nation.”

Mauritius, known as a financial hub, is a promising market for NEC Africa. According to research organisation, Statista, the  2024 revenue in Mauritius’s computing market amounts to $49,6-million.

The research company says: “Mauritius is experiencing a surge in demand for cloud computing services, as businesses seek to enhance their digital infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.”

IgKnight, a Mauritius technology reseller, has had a relationship with NEC Africa for about five years, making it an ideal local partner for business operations in the region.

According to the CEO of IgKnight, Shaan Kundamaal: “Our technology partner, NEC Africa, leads the African information security community with unsurpassed technical capability, unique methodologies, and specialist tools to help identify and mitigate potential enterprise risk.”

Spearheading the expansion into Mauritius, NEC Africa’s ETS business unit offers IT infrastructure solutions tailored for the data-driven economy, with a focus on high-end compute technology, storage, switching, and converged environments.

Dewar adds: “In an era marked by explosive data growth, businesses are grappling with the challenge of harnessing and leveraging technology resources for competitive advantage. With the introduction of our Enterprise Technology Solutions business unit, NEC Africa is at the forefront of comprehensive, end-to-end services that enable clients to not only manage but also capitalise on their data assets.

“We view the Mauritian market as both expansive and dynamic, with an unceasing demand for technology support and upgrades. While competition intensifies, we are confident that our seasoned team, coupled with our comprehensive offerings, will cater to the evolving needs of the market.”