Dutch-based technology platform Lisa has launched its smart leasing platform in South Africa after acquiring its core leasing technology platform from last-mile logistics operator Inospace.

Lisa is a leasing, marketing, asset management and tenant experience platform for the commercial real estate industry. Its tenant-lifecycle leasing software helps property owners, managers, brokers and tenants align in a unified platform to execute leasing transactions.

Lisa offers three integrated products. Lease, the core product, manages automated lead-to-lease processes for multi-let property companies. Market provides automated campaigns to commercial property owners and brokers, streamlining marketing and leasing workflows and delivering powerful tenant demand data and analytics. Engage is a tenant experience solution that enables property owners to get as close to their customers as possible.

Lisa seamlessly synchs into established platforms and processes. It supports and enhances South Africa’s real estate broker market with realtime information, premium content and information directly from existing asset management software such as MRI.