IDU has appointed 4Sight Dynamics Africa as a distributor of its products throughout Africa.

Kevin Phillips, MD of IDU, says that the move is part of the company’s strategy to drive growth across the continent.

“4Sight Dynamics Africa has developed a unique, specialised channel focused on business applications with hundreds of expert resellers across 51 African countries,” he says. “It therefore offers us an unparalleled opportunity to access resellers who are genuinely active understand our unique selling proposition and can take our product to market successfully.”

IDU’s budgeting, forecasting, modelling, and reporting tools are designed to simplify the budgeting process while at the same time making it more accurate and provide genuine business value. They provide real-time access to critical financial information drawn straight from the ERP system, eliminating inaccurate manual data re-entry, and turning budgeting into a powerful decision-support tool. IDU’s products are designed to integrate easily with most major ERP software, without needing expensive, ongoing consulting while reducing budgeting cycles from months to weeks.

Denzil Moorcroft, sales director: channel partners at 4Sight, says. “Independent software vendors like IDU are critical members of the business applications ecosystem and play a vital role in enabling end users to maximise returns on their ERP investments,” he says. “IDU offers innovative solutions to common business challenges, and our channel of specialist resellers across Africa is well positioned to take them into Africa’s vibrant and expanding business environment.”

4Sight Dynamics Africa falls into 4Sight’s Channel Partner Cluster, one of its four distinct business clusters.

“Our channel plays a key role in our go-to-market strategy: our experienced, business-focused resellers build close relationships with end users to understand their needs, and independent software vendors like IDU develop the solutions that add immense value,” Moorcroft concludes. “The end result: a powerful ecosystem that delivers the business value that end users want.”