Huawei has launched its Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 Smart PV solution.

The vendor has included several fire safety features in its Luna 2.0 product, including shutting down the voltage to 0V in the event of an emergency and cell level monitoring, pack level protection, structural protection, and emergency protection, including a built-in intelligent fire suppression kit for each battery.

Electromagnetic radiation levels, if not properly controlled can also be dangerous, which is why Huawei Digital Power incorporates Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) safety into photovoltaic products. EMC ensures that photovoltaic products can operate efficiently in South Africa’s unstable power supply and intricate electromagnetic landscape.

The Huawei Luna 2.0 solution now includes of consumption data, which is particularly important during load shedding, and is able to instantly switch over to backup power during loadshedding.