Today, WiFi routers do a lot more than just provide a wireless internet connection. Wireless routers now connect an ever-growing range of WiFi-capable devices, including smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, smart devices, and security systems.

Using beamforming technology, Hikvision Wireless Routers ensure strong connections and accurate wall penetration by aggregating the signal into beams in users’ directions. They offer great performance in offices up to 120 m².

Hikvision Wireless Routers provide smooth connections with independent, high-speed dual-band chips. With a combined bandwidth of up to 1167Mbps and unified SSID, devices connect faster than ever, with the best signal.

Hikvision Wireless Routers support access for more devices than traditional routers. Supporting MU-MIMO technology, Hikvision Wireless Routers can communicate simultaneously without queuing, and are more fluid for multi-user internet connection.

In addition, Hikvision’s wireless routers provide two convenient methods for internet management: web-based tools and the Hik-Connect Mobile App. Hik-Connect puts remote operation at the user’s fingertips, offering system configuration, status inspection, WiFi speed-ups, security check-ups, and more.