New peer-to-peer communications features introduced with My Ecosystem Connect empower Fujitsu SELECT partners to quickly identify, contact and engage with leading solutions providers and peers within the framework of the Partner Ecosystem Platform.

The latest enhancements quickly deliver a curated shortlist of leading regional experts and enable channel and non-reselling partners to seamlessly start interacting directly or via a discussion forum.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation for many businesses. In turn, this is driving rapid change in the IT channel. Partners are stepping up to become trusted collaborators and address their customers’ business challenges but often lack the full breadth of skills necessary to tackle projects alone. By pooling complementary skills, knowledge and resources, partners can collectively access more extensive opportunities without investing heavily in expanding their skillsets.

The Fujitsu SELECT Ecosystem Platform enables partners to rapidly identify collaborators with complementary superpowers and makes it easy to start working together immediately.

Fujitsu’s Ecosystem Platform is designed to make the whole process seamless. Fujitsu saves time and effort by presenting only the best regional solutions that partners can include in their projects. Partners simply need to search, for example, for a capability such as machine learning expertise or an IoT service. The pre-validated options presented also enable direct connections to one or more of the providers. Collaborations start with a single click – without having to leave the platform.

Fernanda Catarino, head of channel, alliances and exosystem, Europe at Fujitsu, comments: “Channel partners today find themselves working in a so-called ‘frenemy’ economy. Companies they once considered as competitors are now also potential collaborators. We aim to empower our ecosystem to generate new business value by bringing together new combinations of their superpowers. The latest evolution of the Ecosystem Platform makes it easy not only to find a perfect match but also to start collaborating immediately.”

The Ecosystem platform now also features communities focused on the strategic areas of SAP, Hybrid Cloud, Workplace and Data Driven Transformation, where partners can discuss their latest business challenges, share opinions, or ask for input.

Alastair Edwards, chief analyst at Canalys, says: “Businesses are looking to channel partners as trusted advisors to help guide them through their digital transformations. At the same time, partners are under the twin pressures of an ongoing skills shortage and the growing complexity of customers’ business challenges. Collaboration and cooperation will enable their future success.”

Christopher Pogue, senior vice-president: head of strategic alliances at Nuix, says: “Fujitsu has already done the heavy lifting to identify the best tools and service partners in key technology areas. Each search on the platform delivers a manageable shortlist of companies and solutions that I can include in my projects immediately– rather than a list of everyone in the region with a related skill.”

The Fujitsu Ecosystem platform gives users easy, at-a-glance visibility over their multiple peer-to-peer interactions with a single sign-in. These range from “challenges” they have placed requesting support to the discussion threads they have participated in and direct peer-to-peer messages via My Ecosystem Connect.

Participation in the Fujitsu Partner Ecosystem is available to resellers, service providers, consultants and technology experts interested in sharing their superpowers and simply requires registration at the Fujitsu partner Portal: