Using its core value proposition of rock-solid product, deep understanding of it’s customers’ needs and great service, Fujitsu has reinvented itself as a hybrid cloud leader.

Kathy Gibson spent an afternoon with Fujitsu and CoCre8 Technology Solutions learning more about why organisations are switching to hybrid cloud, and why they need to consider the Fujitsu solutions.


In a changing world, hybrid cloud offers choice

The cloud computing environment is constantly changing and organisations can no longer afford to have a single platform approach.

This is the word from Craig Parker, head of hybrid cloud: Europe at Fujitsu, who believes the correct value proposition for the cloud is in allowing customers to use the right iteration of cloud that works for their business.

He shares new IDC research that shows the top three business priorities of innovation, operational efficiency, and resilience are being held back by challenges in current cloud environments.

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Fujitsu evolves to meet customer imperatives

The last couple of years have seen massive advances in technology and new business use cases – and IT companies have been leading the charge.

Fujitsu has a 88-year history of innovation. It has moved from a hardware supplier, to a software developer, and is now reinventing as a digital company.

Craig Parker, head of hybrid cloud: Europe at Fujitsu, explains that, four years ago, the company started reorganising internally, and the last three years have seen an acceleration of change.

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