Fujifilm South Africa has announced the Instax Mini 12, catering for a variety of shooting photographic opportunities.

This is the first entry-level Instax to prevent discrepancies in close-ups between the viewfinder field and the actual printout area. Users can now capture close-up shots without having to shift the centre point seen through the viewfinder. When taking a selfie, however, the ‘Selfie Mirror’ besides the lens can be used to check the composition of a finished print while shooting.

The camera also features a faster printout speed from the point of pressing the shutter. When taking a picture with the Instax Mini 12, the print appears in just five seconds from the time of pressing the shutter button. It takes about 90 seconds before the image fully develops on the Instax print.

The Instax Mini 12 also features ‘Automatic Exposure’, where the camera automatically determines the correct exposure for a given scene. It automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, and optimises the shutter speed and flash output according to given conditions.