FirstDMT revolutionises device management with the launch of its cost-effective, carrier-grade solution designed specifically for smaller businesses and ISPs.

In the highly competitive Telco and ISP industry, service providers are facing shrinking margins and increasing pressure to add value and optimize operations. This is particularly challenging for small to medium ISPs and regional service providers, who have fewer subscribers and must focus on cost reduction and process streamlining.

Traditionally, these tools, such as the CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) or TR-069, were only available to major Telcos and carriers at a prohibitive cost. This left smaller players with outdated provisioning and fulfilment processes and impacted customer satisfaction.

FirstDMT is now addressing this issue by launching a cloud-based service that offers smaller businesses, ISPs, WISPs, and Managed Service Providers access to carrier-grade device management tools, aimed at streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction.



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Axiros AX69.Cloud is an “instant” cloud-based TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS), designed for small to medium businesses and Service Providers. In the past operating a carrier-grade ACS required a large investment into skills and resources to implement and maintain various operational components such as hosting, integration, device testing and code logic. Now with AX69.Cloud, you receive all these services as part of a simple and affordable subscription fee.

The arrival of AX69.Cloud signals the beginning of a new era in device management where small to medium service providers gain access to all the benefits of TR-069, without having to own the system or manage the administration workload and responsibilities.

AX69.Cloud presents a single pane of glass to troubleshoot several types of devices from any vendor, with TR-069 support baked into their device. Service Providers to provision/manage services, configure device settings, monitor service performance, upgrade device firmware and much more.

The protocols used are TR-069 or TR-369 which effectively improves overall subscriber satisfaction through optimal device management and superior support interactions. AX69.Cloud is an easy-to-use solution to fix and, more importantly, prevent issues from happening at all.


Key Benefits:

  • Central device management: Remotely manage all your IP-based, TR-069 enabled devices from different vendors, in any location, using a single platform.
  • Improve visibility on your network: Keep track of your devices, their status and performance.
  • Rapid service provision: Automated service provisioning via REST API or user-interface
  • Reduce Support load: Provision services correctly, the first time – every time.
  • Empower Support staff: All information relevant to the support incident is made available to support staff in an easy-to-interpret manner. Incidents are concluded quickly and professionally.
  • Operational cost saving: Streamlined service provisioning and empowered support personnel saves on truckrolls, support costs and customer-churn.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Services just work, with minimal amount of provider/subscriber interaction.
  • Cloud-based service: No additional ICT infrastructure or staff needed.
  • Rapid deployment time: Your new ACS instance can be launched within minutes.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Pay as you grow – based on the number of devices you manage.


Key Features:

  • Automated provisioning of services such as: Internet-access, Wi-Fi, VoIP, and many others.
  • Compatible with all layer-3 access technologies: LTE, FTTx, DSL, Wi-Fi, and others.
  • Devices of all types and access technologies are supported from a common support interface.
  • Run powerful workflows with minimal effort.
  • Configure and manage Wi-Fi, DHCP, port-forwarding and other settings remotely in real-time.
  • Run Up- and Download speed-tests, remote ping tests and other connectivity tests.
  • Retrieve various health and diagnostics information about your devices.
  • Schedule, monitor and run automated firmware upgrade campaigns across all your devices.
  • Use the powerful yet intuitive API to integrate device management features directly into your in-house systems.
  • Easy troubleshooting in case of technical problems with service or device.
  • An easily operated and integrated Support Portal that assists with detailed information about the router and workflows (e.g., configuring DHCP or Wi-Fi). The Support Portal also provides information on the status of Internet, LAN, VOIP, DHCP and WLAN across various manufacturers.

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