LG’s  range of NanoCell TVs have been developed with  nano engineering technology to amplify viewing experience. 

A filtering system refines images, while millions of nanoparticles are tightly packed together to purify and perfect dull shades.

NanoCell TVs also use 8K resolution for next-level immersion. With a 97,8% contrast modulation (CM) and 33-million pixels (99-million sub-pixels), LG NanoCell exceeds international standards for 8K, providing a “real 8K” experience.

Thanks to deep learning algorithms, LG NanoCell’s intelligent processor analyses content and optimises it to better suit the surroundings. The processor removes noise, and optimises contrast and saturation

LG NanoCell doubles up as a gaming setup. NanoCell’s Pure Colours combined with the latest gaming features – including Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, enabled by support for the latest HDMI 2.1 specifications – mean higher resolution, smoother and more lifelike gaming.

LG’s NanoCell TVs also offer cinema-optimised features. Dolby Vision IQ adjusts screen brightness, colour and contrast. Dolby Atmos delivers surround-sound audio.

With a screen spanning  86-inches or more, sport viewing is enhanced. Nano Accuracy ensures accurate colours from every viewing angle and Motion Pro reduces blurring and flickering. Connected two compatible Bluetooth speakers lets users immerse themselves in 4.0 channel surround sound.

With LG’s genius Sports Alert feature, on-screen pop-ups will let users know about key moments before, during and after games.