Kathy Gibson reports from InterSystems Virtual Summit 2021 – Data is your organisation’s most precious asset – but only if you are analysing it effectively to gain real insights.

The last 18 months or so have been difficult for everyone in the world, says Terry Ragon, CEO and founder of InterSystems. But they have also been invigorating in that there has been an increasing openness to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

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Smart data fabric delivers timely, relevant insights

Leveraging data to get the best possible insights is not a trivial process, which is why organisations are turning to smart data fabrics.

Scott Gnau, head of data platforms at InterSystems, explains that a smart data fabric can help organisations to build real and sustained business advantage.

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End-to-end solution delivers meaningful insights

Healthcare systems have always been important, but extracting useful insights has become more critical than ever over the last 18 months.

InterSystems aims to help its healthcare customers gain true value from the data in their operational systems, says Don Woodlock, head of healthcare at InterSystems.

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Innovation critical to keep healthcare systems relevant

The global healthcare world is in a period of rapid evolution, and systems are under pressure to stay current.

“Covid-19 has forced systems to change at a pace unknown until now,” says Dimitri Fane, product director at InterSystems. “We have always believed that a unified healthcare platform must be built for a changing world, because the healthcare environment is constantly changing.”

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Unified data management enables next-generation analytics

As analytics becomes increasingly more important, a unified data platform is not only becoming more critical but users are demanding more functionality from it.

Jeff Fried, data platforms product director at InterSystems, explains that InterSystems IRIS supports high-performance applications on cloud, on-premise and hybrid platforms.

The last release of IRIS added new features in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and operations, the development environment and the field of interoperability.

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