Duxbury Networking has launched its DUXP200 and DUXP200 PTZ range of affordable and user-friendly wireless battery cameras.

Both cameras provide 1080p HD video footage, regardless of day or night, and are also equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

The DUXP200 model boasts a 4MP resolution, while the DUXP200 PTZ version offers added versatility with its 2MP resolution and pan-tilt-zoom functionality to cover a wide area. Both models feature IP65 weatherproofing for durability against harsh local weather conditions.

The cameras support the H.265 video compression algorithm and provide cloud and local storage of up to 128Gb as an optional extra. They also provide echo elimination and noise suppression to deliver high-quality audio. Both units come standard with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Additionally, the DUXP200 PTZ features a solar panel to keep the batteries charged at all times. Because both cameras are wireless and cordless, installation is user-friendly with people being able to set up the devices within minutes.