New Dell OptiPlex form factors featuring Intel 13th Gen processors will no longer be segmented by series or model numbers, meaning our customers will no longer see a 3, 5 or 7 series – just a single OptiPlex model.

With a simple two-step process, customers can choose the right form factor, then the right features for the job.

Off-host BIOS verification captures and stores the image if the BIOS is corrupt and indicators of attack to help IT identify potential future threats. SafeID provides authentication integrity by securely storing and processing advanced authentication credentials in a dedicated security chip.

Now, Dell OptiPlex desktops are made with up to 59,6% post-consumer recycled plastics, and the chassis of select Dell OptiPlex desktops are made with a minimum of 10% recycled steel.

The newly designed 24-inch All-in-One features up to Intel Core i9 processors, 64Gb DDR5 memory and a retractable FHD or 5MP IR camera with Express Sign-in and intelligent privacy.

The OptiPlex Micro features up to Intel Core i9 processors and 64Gb DDR5 memory. It includes a single cable Type-C power delivery solution with the OptiPlex Micro (35W) configuration to simply connect the Type-C cable from a Dell USB-C hub monitor to the Micro (35W) and get instant power, video and data with one single cable, for a clean and easy-to-set-up workspace.

For those who need a wider array of performance options or ports there’s the Small Form Factor with up to Intel Core i9 processors and 128Gb DDR5 memory.

The new OptiPlex Tower features up to i9 125W processors running high-end Nvidia graphics cards and up to 128Gb DDR5 memory.

Intel vPro Essentials and Intel vPro Enterprise deliver modern management capabilities and hardware-enhanced security, as well as modern standby that helps consume less energy. The new lineup also gets an intelligence boost with Dell Optimizer for AI-enhanced personalised productivity.

The new OptiPlex family offers curated hybrid work experiences, including displays and collaboration accessories for the job, plus custom mounts and stands.