Dell Technologies has announced its Partner First Strategy for Storage, which designates more than 99% of Dell’s customers and potential customers as partner-led for storage sales.

The new go-to-market strategy combines partner expertise and reach with Dell’s world-class team and storage portfolio, including data protection, to deliver transformational outcomes for customers.

With this announcement, Dell is:

* Compensating Dell sellers more when transacting storage through a partner.

* Quadrupling the number of storage Partner of Record-eligible resale accounts for more predictability of engagement.

In the first half of 2023, Dell Technologies pledged its commitment to innovation, partner ecosystems and driving growth with its partners. By positioning itself at the centre of the technology ecosystem, Dell is ideally placed to work with its partner community to solve customers’ most pressing challenges. Business and IT advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), multicloud, cybersecurity and edge are producing record amounts of data, and the need for data storage has never been greater.

Starting immediately, more than 99% of Dell customers and potential customers will be considered partner first for storage.

“We are encouraging greater partner teaming by compensating Dell sellers more when they transact storage through a partner. This will further incentivise Dell sales reps to work with our partners on storage deals,” says Doug Woolley, GM of Dell Technologies.

Dell is also driving momentum and predictability of engagement by increasing the number of accounts available for storage Partner of Record (POR) by 4 times. If a partner holds storage POR status, Dell sales reps will work with them on any storage opportunity they uncover within that account, in line with its Rules of Engagement.

Partners will continue to earn rebates and incentives through the Dell Technologies Partner Programme, including acquisition rebates on the newly eligible Partner of Record accounts.