Datacentrix has been named as the winner of OQLIS’s LUMIN23 Data Impact Award.

The recent OQLIS LUMIN23 Awards brought focus to the latest in data intelligence innovation, as well as projects initiated over 2023 and companies delivering quality work while showcasing the OQLIS platform’s potential.

Robert Kendall, chief commercial officer of OQLIS, says: “The OQLIS LUMIN23 Awards celebrate our commitment to leveraging data-driven solutions that empower businesses and drive meaningful impact in today’s dynamic landscape.

“Datacentrix was recognised as our LUMIN23 Data Impact Award winner, one of four awards, acknowledging the impact the organisation has made in the data space using the OQLIS platform. This includes providing insights for customers on data from Zero Trust logs, endpoint management, and security, and Security Operations Centres (SOC).”

Sunil Singh, divisional MD: managed services and security solutions at Datacentrix, adds: “Datacentrix has long championed innovation and excellence in harnessing the power of data,” explains. “The award from OQLIS serves as a testament to the dedication of our team, while underscoring our consistent pursuit of excellence in using data to foster growth, optimise operations, and deliver value to our customers.

“We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and success with OQLIS, delivering transformative results and making a significant impact in the world of data.”

OQLIS is an easy-to-integrate data intelligence interface built into one single platform, allowing businesses to ingest, store, visualise, analyse, and predict trends, via an all-in-one intuitive and integrated interface, in real-time.