With excellent lift heights, capacities, visibility and energy savings, the Crown series of narrow aisle reach trucks from Shumani Industrial Equipment move and store materials efficiently.

Crown reach trucks are typically used in narrow aisle applications where storage density and material handling productivity requirements are high. The ESR 1000 reach truck with Xpress Lower technology doubles lowering speed to improve cycle time and increase productivity, while regenerative lowering reduces energy consumption.

Built-in connectivity thanks to the Gena operating system provides operators, managers, and service technicians a connected, data-rich environment via a 7-inch colour touchscreen.

Gena operating system displays are programmable in 25 different languages, with informative widgets. Service technicians benefit from detailed event histories for all reach truck functions.

The ESR 1000 reach truck, including integrated wireless hardware, allows for easy downloading of system updates and enabling Crown’s InfoLink system for real-time access to operational data.

ESR reach trucks allow operator to work with skill and precision at any height, without compromising productivity. ESR 1000 models feature various combinations of advanced hydraulics and motors, programmable features, intuitive displays, one-touch controls, and camera options.

The optional Xpress Lower technology doubles lowering speeds, and the optional Auto Height Select feature automatically stops the forks at programmed rack heights to avoid product, rack, and truck damage.

The Tilt Position Assist option compensates for mast and carriage deflection, and automatically levels forks relative to the ground for more precise positioning. The ESR 1000 reach truck makes safety even more personal with on-truck reminders, automated assistance, and dynamic coaching for contextual guidance to increase operator awareness.