Supply chain management has never been more critical than it is today, in an increasingly global, challenging, complex and dynamic business environment.

“Global supply chains have faced unprecedented challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis, and the effects will be felt for some time. Right now, we need effective, streamlined supply chains, managed by skilled, qualified supply chain professionals, simply to ensure that products reach consumers.

Organisations with optimised supply chains will have a competitive advantage and will be equipped to play a role in building thriving economies,” comments MJ Schoemaker, president of SAPICS (The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management).

She notes that supply chain management is a constantly evolving and changing profession. “Now, more than ever, we are in unchartered waters, and it is vital for all supply chain practitioners to keep updating their skills sets and knowledge and honing their expertise.”


Fit-for-purpose education

As The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management, SAPICS ensures that supply chain professionals are equipped with fit-for-purpose education, training, knowledge and know-how. SAPICS is spearheading the drive to professionalise the supply chain management profession in Africa and this process is now well underway, with the first designations to be awarded soon. “We have six professionals who will now hold the professional designation of Supply Chain Management Advanced Practitioner,” Schoemaker reveals.


“By professionally designating individuals, SAPICS will increase supply chain management competence, knowledge and skills, and industry professionals will have prescribed values and ethics to uphold. Until now, the supply chain field has been unregulated in terms of levels of competence, skills and ethics. The ongoing professional development required to maintain designations will ensure that African supply chain management keeps pace with global best practice.”

In 2021, SAPICS hosted and co-hosted 86 events geared towards sharing knowledge, advancing and professionalising supply chain management.