Research company Context hosted its Channel Connect SA event, bringing together South African distributors to discuss issues relevant to the local channel.

Kathy Gibson reports


After the pandemic: how IT distribution is changing

The IT distribution industry performed well during the pandemic.

Adam Simon, global MD of Context, adds that the small and medium business (SMB) market has come into its own as the key go-to-market differentiator for distributors.

And, importantly, reseller remain upbeat despite headwinds coming up in the next 12 months.

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Collaboration key in a hybrid world

The way we work, learn and play has changed forever – and CIOs are key to making this change successful.

This is the word from Yesh Surjoodeen, regional director: southern Africa at HP Inc, who says employers have become more aware of employee well-being, while parents are more involved in children’s education.

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The evolution of cloud through distribution

Up to 80% of cloud is sold direct, but its reach through distribution is growing fast – as much as 40% in the SMB sector.

The movement to public cloud is not new, says Chris Vallenduuk, regional director: APAC at Context, but the pandemic has accelerated its adoption.

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Where do distributors stand in the digital economy?

Shift happens.

This is the message from Anton Herbst, CEO of Tarsus on Demand, who points out that events out of our control happen all the time, but we can control our attitude towards it, and choose what changes we want to make ourselves.

Among the major shifts happening now are a change from the industrial economy to the digital economy, which does away with the conversation about capital and supply-driven economics.

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