Connectivity. Network. Cloud. Security. Data. Hybrid work. Internet of things. Smart devices. 5G. SD-WAN. SASE. Video calling systems. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the technological terms that impact our future in every walk of life.

By Didem Duru, GM of Cisco Turkey

They touch the lives of employees as well as non-employees, students, young and old people. I am talking about a world of “connectivity” that will grow and spread at an unprecedented rate.

10 years ago, social media did not use to be such a crucial part of our lives. Go back farther in time, and we did not even have anything called the Internet at our service. Think about how mobile phones entered our lives, developing and spreading in a short time. When worldwide web was established in the early 1990s, no one would expect things to go this far. However, it has come “this far”, and the question is, where digitisation will head now and how companies and organisations will keep up.

We owe this momentum and change to connectivity. The entire world has taken connectivity to the next level largely due to the pandemic restrictions. So how did this compulsory leap transform the priorities of individuals and companies with regard to Internet use?

Business continuity and resiliency are driving forces for digital transformation.

Since employees have to connect to their corporate systems from home, security needed to be brought to new levels.


Work is no longer seen as a place, but an activity.

Rather than a compulsion, connectivity became the main thing that enabled continuity of activities in indispensable fields such as business, education and public services. Cisco provided technologies, tools and support to help our customers launch their digitisation process most effectively.

As remote access became a basic requirement, we are proud to have been able to support businesses with technologies including network security, cloud systems, infrastructure and broadband internet, collaboration and SASE.

SD-WAN provided by Cisco is playing a key role in this digital transformation process by helping organisations give any user secure access to any application wherever they like and keeping user experience at the highest level. We have provided products offering capabilities beyond requirements in such fields as secure connection, large cloud storage spaces and accessibility for IT teams. And of course, we have 5G as a turning point in connectivity and services with return.

With a faster connection, low latency and lower battery consumption, 5G excites both providers and receivers of service around the world. Moreover, it concerns and excites every industry because it enables “connectible” products – the so-called Internet of Things. Thousands of objects including a growing number of household appliances ranging from robotic vacuum cleaners to ovens as well as various machines used in manufacturing and medical devices will be online.

But sustainability must be at the centre of doing business. For example, Cisco develops sustainable technology solutions, is committed to reducing its own environmental impact and invest in supporting innovative climate solutions across the globe, both within Cisco and across its ecosystem.  Thus, we help drive a transition that is both digital and green.