South Africa’s resellers have made their voices heard, voting for their favourite vendors in the 2020 Channelwise Awards.

Over the years, the Channelwise Awards have tracked the progress of the South African IT industry, reflecting each year how technology and the various players have grown, matured and changed.

The industry and, in particular, the channel are no strangers to major events and seismic shifts, but 2020 has been a watershed year on so many levels.

The last few years have seen an increased trend towards digitalisation, with the IT industry at the forefront of trying to drive organisations’ digital transformation journeys.

The IT industry and the channel have risen to the occasion and become an indispensable part of every business’ digital journey, making the Channelwise Awards 2020 arguably the most significant yet.

New categories in this year’s awards reflect the many changes in the industry. Reseller partners have chosen their favourite vendors and distributors in the categories Infrastructure, Networking; End User Devices; Printers and Peripherals; Security; and Components and Accessories.

The categories and sub-categories reflect the changing industry and highlight the technology directions that partners and their end user customers are taking.

More than 1 000 reseller partners took part in this year’s Channelwise Awards survey, sending clear messages to their vendors and distributors and helping to drive more positive changes in the years to come.

The top vendors in 2020, as voted by the reseller channel, are as follows:




Finalists: Dell; HPE; Lenovo

Winner: Dell


IaaS/PaaS providers

Finalists: Microsoft Azure; Axiz Cloud; AWS

Winner: Microsoft Azure



Finalists: VMware; Microsoft; Nutanix

Winner: VMware


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Finalists: VMware; Nutanix; Dell

Winner: VMware


Storage subsystems

Finalists: Dell; HPE; Lenovo

Winner: Dell


Backup systems

Finalists: Veeam; HPE; Dell

Winner: Veeam


Cloud Storage

Finalists: Microsoft; Veeam; Google Drive

Winner: Microsoft



Finalists: Eaton; APC; Huawei

Winner: Eaton



Finalists: Apex; RCT; Vertiv

Winner: Apex



Networking devices (switches, routers etc)

Finalists: HPE; Cisco; Dell

Winner: HPE



Finalists: HPE; Citrix; Silver Peak

Winner: HPE



Finalists: DataNet; Molex; Netgear

Winner: DataNet


Edge Computing (IoT Gateways etc)

Finalists: HPE; Dell; Huawei

Winner: HPE


Cabinets and Racks

Finalists: HPE; APC; Mecer

Winner: HPE


Network Management

Finalists: Cisco; HPE; Dell

Winner: Cisco


Printers and peripherals

Laser printers and MFPs

Finalists: HP Inc; Brother; Canon

Winner: HP Inc


Inkjet printers and MFPs

Finalists: HP Inc; Canon; Epson

Winner: HP Inc



Finalists: Epson; Acer; Dell

Winner: Epson


Scanners and ECM

Finalists: HPE; Kyocera; Fujitsu

Winner: HPE



Finalists: Dell; Samsung; HP Inc

Winner: Dell



Finalists: Samsung; Mecer; HiSense

Winner: Samsung


End user devices

Personal Computers

Finalists: Dell; HP Inc; Lenovo

Winner: Dell



Finalists: Dell; HP Inc; Lenovo

Winner: Dell


Thin Clients

Finalists: HP Inc; Dell; Lenovo

Winner: HP Inc


Gaming PCs

Finalists: Dell; HP Inc; Asus

Winner: Dell



Finalists: Dell; HP Inc; Lenovo

Winner: Dell


Gaming Notebooks

Finalists: Dell; Asus; MSI

Winner: Dell



Finalists: Samsung; Lenovo; Apple

Winner: Samsung




Endpoint software

Finalists: Kaspersky; Microsoft; Cisco

Winner: Kaspersky


Hardware (appliances)

Finalists: Fortinet; Cisco; SonicWall

Winner: Fortinet


Network security

Finalists: Fortinet; Check Point; Symantec

Winner: Fortinet


Cloud-based security

Finalists: Fortinet; Cisco; Check Point

Winner: Fortinet



Finalists: HikVision; Axis; Provision

Winner: HikVision


Components and accessories

Bags and sleeves

Finalists: Targus; Dell; Port

Winner: Targus



Finalists: Logitech; JBL; Jabra

Winner: Logitech


Keyboards, mouses, joysticks, VR headsets

Finalists: Logitech; Microsoft; Dell

Winner: Logitech


CPUs and GPUs

Finalists: Intel; AMD; nVidia

Winner: Intel


Graphic Cards

Finalists: nVidia; MSI; Asus

Winner: nVidia



Finalists: Kingston; Transcend; Crucial

Winner: Kingston


Disk Drives

Finalists: Seagate; Kingston; Transcend

Winner: Seagate


Sensors (IoT devices)

Finalists: Raspberry Pi; Siemens; Fujitsu

Winner: Raspberry Pi