The Broadband Africa Forum examined the state of play on the continent, and why its important the broadband makes more inroads.

Kathy Gibson reports


African broadband adoption slips

Although broadband adoption in Africa is increasing quickly, the continent is still some way off from achieving many of its connectivity goals.

Martin Creaner, director-general of the World Broadband Association, says there is general consensus that broadband adoption brings benefits in terms of wealth and opportunities, driving green economy and social equality.

He was speaking at the Broadband Africa Forum 2023, explaining that this is why broadband is now front and centre of many countries’ economic strategies.

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Broadband drives economic, social development

The deployment and adoption of broadband is critical to economic and social development.

This is the word from Mathhew Reed, chief analyst: service provider at Omdia, who points to the World Bank’s estimate that a 10 percentage point increase in broadband penetration translates to a 1,2% rise in GDP growth for developed countries and 1,4% in undeveloped countries.

Presenting the finding of the latest Africa Broadband Outlook, Reed explains that broadband connectivity contributes to improved education, healthcare and government services. Indeed, for these reasons, universal connectivity by 2030 is one of the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Africa.

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