Bright Pattern has partnered with MoData to transform the world of customer experience (CX) for innovative companies throughout Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa through futuristic digital and AI capabilities.

MoData allows companies to leverage and extend its existing solutions while adding new digital and AI technologies in a fast and seamless process. It combines AI expertise and evolving technologies with Bright Pattern for companies in Africa. Coupling AI with Bright Pattern’s advanced technology allows MoData to provide companies four key capabilities to significantly improve their customer experience.

* Omnichannel Conversations – Easy, seamless omnichannel conversation across both voice and digital channels for agents and customers. Connect to customers via voice and digital channels: voice, webchat, email, SMS, chatbots, and messengers – WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, etc.

* Omnichannel Quality Management (Omni QM) – Monitor 100% of interactions on every single channel and allow managers or supervisors to review, assess, and score an agent’s performance to improve CX.

* Omni-Enterprise CX – Ability for any employee to connect on voice or digital channels via Bright Pattern Mobile App.

* Conversational AI and Automation – Humanise digital interactions for the end-user customer and intuit through natural AI capabilities. Now, take your digital adoption initiatives to the next level through contextual, conversational, interactive, and intelligent automation.

“At MoData, we are excited about this partnership with Bright Pattern. Our MoData Interactive Digital Customer Enterprise 360 Ecosystem is a unique blend of critical CX technologies that combine Omnichannel Contact Centre, Workforce Management, Quality Assurance and Speech Analytics, all underpinned by Conversational AI and Business Applications to provide the most comprehensive customer engagement management methodology available in modern customer communications today,” says Brendan van Staaden, managing executive of MoData.

“Bright Pattern brings the magic of true cloud maxi-channel customer contact solutions to round off this brilliant ecosystem. With this powerful solution in our toolkit, MoData will continue to drive innovation and customer service delivery excellence through listening, understanding, and delivering in our world of customer service expertise.”

Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern, adds: “Bright Pattern is eager to work with MoData to unite our advanced contact center capabilities with its customer experience technologies. With this partnership and synergy, we’re excited to push forward CX in a new space that has a need for both of our proficiencies.”