Belva Digital, a marketing technology company based in Kenya has expanded and enhanced its product portfolio through its participation in the Infobip Partner Connect Programme, which has enabled it to widen its customer network.

While Belva Digital had the capabilities to offer multichannel solutions to its customers, including channels such as email, SMS and WhatsApp, the company realised that it was increasingly important for it to be able to provide omnichannel solutions to African businesses.

This was mainly driven by the needs of modern customers who are becoming ever more demanding, which means that having an effective omnichannel experience is vital for businesses to stand out from their competitors.

Omnichannel solutions integrate various channels, such as online, mobile, brick-and-mortar and social media into one seamless experience. An effective omnichannel approach ensures that customers have a consistent and personalised experience across all channels, which ultimately drives sales and customer loyalty.

Until recently, Belva Digital relied on several different solution providers to provide multichannel offerings to their customers. This multivendor approach increased the complexity and cost of implementing and managing these channels.

Belva Digital joined Infobip’s Partner Connect Programme, which helps partners, and their customers transform business opportunities at scale by connecting them to powerful communications solutions and expertise. By joining the programme, Belva Digital was able to expand and enhance its product portfolio by adding several of Infobip’s Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) offerings, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp for Business API. Belva Digital is currently also working in partnership with Infobip to offer its Answers and Conversations Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) solutions to customers across Africa.

As a result, Belva Digital has been able to enhance and expand its product portfolio to offer complete omnichannel solutions on one platform. This means that Belva Digital can manage the whole array of channels on one platform, removing the cost and complexity of its previous multichannel offerings that relied on various different vendors.

With an expanded portfolio of products, the company now has the ability to approach a broader network of customers and, together with Infobip, is exploring opportunities in the healthcare, banking, and public sectors.

Belva Digital and Infobip are currently working on a go-to-market strategy that involves a wide range of Infobip’s solutions. In addition, a major benefit for Belva Digital is the wealth of experience, expertise, and local presence that Infobip brings to the partnership.

“I found Belva Digital to be extremely professional and very proactive. Their attention to detail is absolutely amazing in their collaboration with us and with their customers. From here, I expect it will be onwards and upwards with Belva Digital and I’m sure they’re going to be a well-known name in Africa very soon,” says Rochelle van Rooyen, strategic account and partnership manager at Infobip.

Fred Kithinji, founder and CEO of Belva Digital, adds: “The products that Infobip offers are unique and actually address the current market needs. It is reassuring knowing that they have a global reach yet are still very much connected to the local market and its needs. Their local experience, as well as the fact that they are a massive global company gives us the confidence to pitch their products to our customers.”