Axis Communications has announced the AXIS W120 Body Worn Camera, primarily made for law enforcement and the security sector, with built-in LTE/4G, WiFi and Bluetooth, for direct streaming via AXIS Body Worn Live.

AXIS W120 offers excellent image quality and clear audio with advanced noise and wind suppression. It buffers up to 120 seconds to capture entire encounters.  AXIS W120 features long battery life, on-the-go charging and fast offloading to ensure it is always ready and easy to put away.

Built on open architecture, the new camera offers easy integration with AXIS Camera Station VMS and third-party VMS and EMS, on-site or in the cloud. The system features cost-efficient docking stations with a separate system controller.

Key features include:

*              Live streaming via LTE/4G

*              Location tracking

*              Always-sharp images

*              Excellent sound quality

*              Multiple layers of encryption

The hardware-based cybersecurity platform Axis Edge Vault protects sensitive information.  Data is encrypted with AES 256 and HTTP with TLS. Axis W120 is also CJIS compliant and lives up to official FBI standards. Live streaming is protected by full end-to-end XChaCha20-Poly1305.