The rapid growth of data- and compute-hungry applications like artificial intelligence are driving the need for us to built denser and more efficient data centres to efficiently handle massive new loads.

Vertiv recommends prefabricated data centre modules to help companies quickly add top-quality capacity.

Kathy Gibson attended the Vertiv Driving Innovation press tour in Zagreb, and also saw prefabricated modules being constructed.


AI drives massive data centre investments

The data centre today is becoming an artificial intelligence (AI) factory, and this means organisations have to find new ways to quickly build capacity.

This is the word from Vladimir Galabov, research director: cloud and data centre at Omdia.

“This has been a difficult year to be an analyst,” he says. “There have been significant changes of priorities. There has been a gold rush to launch new large language models (LLMs) to take advantage of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

“To me, this has all been driven by a fear of missing out. So there has been a big change in priorities.”

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Massive data growth demands new data centre thinking

As technology becomes more pervasive in people’s lives, the amount of data being created is growing apace.

This means this data needs to be secured, made available and preserved, says Karsten Winther, president, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Vertiv.

And this leads to the increasing pace of data centre deployment and development, he explains. “The more technology is being adapted for people, the more technology there is, and the bigger the data centre industry will become.”

The big trend in the market today is artificial intelligence (AI), Winther points out, and this is driving the need for much more data. “It is also changing the way we design and deploy data centres around the world,” he says.

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When it comes to data centres, the future is modular

Croatia may be best known for its beaches and scenery but, in fact, it’s also the home of a number of significant scientific and technological inventions.

Viktor Petik, vice-president: integrated modular solutions for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Vertiv, points out that it is not only the birthplace of AC electrical current inventor Nikola Tesla, but also the origin of the parachute, the ballpoint pen, the necktie, the torpedo and the MP3 player.

And now it is leading in the manufacture of prefabricated modular data centres.

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