Artificial intelligence (AI) chip market revenues will exceed $126-billion by 2027, according to analysis from

As of 2022, the AI chip market revenues raked in nearly $45-billion and $54-billion in 2023, emphasising the fast-paced expansion rate of the AI chip industry.

The site’s financial analyst, Edith Reads, comments: “AI chips are the new talk in the tech industry even as Intel plans to unveil a new AI chip, the Gaudi3. This threatens to throw out Nvidia and AMD chips off their game next year.

“Nvidia is still the dominant corporation in AI chip models. However, its explosive market standings may change given that many new companies are showing interest in the AI chip manufacturing race.”

Nvidia is pre-eminent in AI chip development.  Its chips have flooded the market, cementing its foothold in the AI industry, and driving its stock to rise by 230% year to date.