VMware Explore, held in Barcelona, gave partners and customers a taste of the future technology developments in store for them, particularly in multi-cloud and artificial intelligence (AI).

Kathy Gibson reports


SA businesses follow a cloud smart strategy

As multi-cloud and cloud smart strategies become the de facto choice for organisations around the globe, VMware reports encouraging growth in South Africa.

And, despite the uncertainty of the Broadcom acquisition in the background, Lorna Hardie, senior director: sub-Saharan Africa at VMware, says it is very much business as usual.

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Data sovereignty a key concern as cloud accelerates

As organisations move more of their mission-critical workloads to the cloud, the issue of data sovereignty and privacy is becoming more relevant than ever.

To address concerns, VMware launched its Sovereign Cloud offering just over a year ago, and has seen rapid growth in uptake of the service – particularly in verticals handling sensitive customer information such as healthcare, financial services, banking, government and more.

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Multi-cloud, AI the burning IT issues of the day

The burning issues for CEOs today are their cloud journey and artificial intelligence (AI).

This is the word from Raghu Raghuran, CEO of VMware, who points out that VMware realised a couple of years ago that the cloud journey was quickly becoming multi-cloud.

“And today that is the norm,” he says. “More than three-quarters of VMware customers are using three or more public clouds, as well as private clouds.”

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Extending modernisation, manageability to the edge

An often-overlooked but incredibly important area of IT endeavour, the edge, is gaining importance as the place where a lot of compute action is taking place.

VMware’s concept of the software-defined edge is a distributed digital infrastructure for running workloads.

A lot of modernisation has gone into the core infrastructure, with data centres being right-sized, with features like zero-touch orchestration and network programmability.

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Building modern services demands a solid foundation

The technology hype today is all around artificial intelligence, data mining and advanced analytics.

But what makes all these advances possible is a rock-solid platform foundation.

The continued development of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is critical to future applications and workload, which is why customers continue to deploy it.

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Private AI balances business needs, IT and compliance

As the company that coined the concept of the software-defined data centre (SDDC), and cut through the cloud hype with the multi-cloud and the hybrid cloud, VMware is now making its mark in the artificial intelligence market with the launch of Private AI.

AI is evolving, from the predictive models of the past to the rise of the data scientist and the growth of specialised AI models like computer vision, says Chris Wolf, vice-president: VMware AI Labs.

Now, large language models (LLMs) are the new trend, making an impact on any number of use cases. Indeed, generative AI (GenAI) is expected to drive $4,4-trillion in annual economic value.

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Private AI partnership brings Google Cloud database on-premise

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), the platform and technology are important – but the data is paramount.

“There are a lot of challenges involved in bringing AI models on-premise,” says Chris Wolf, vice-president: VMware AI Labs.

This is where VMware’s Data Services Manager comes in, layering DSM on top of VMware Cloud Foundation.

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Broadcom CEO commits to continued VMware investment

Broadcom president and CEO Hock Tan joined VMware Explore in Barcelona at the recent VMware Explore conference to settle uncertainties around Broadcom’s long-delayed acquisition of VMware.

“It has been a long journey but well worth it,” he says.

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Tanzu enhancements aid in modern application development

Modern businesses look to run modernised applications developed, operated and optimised with a single delivery process.

New enhancements to the VMware Tanzu Application Service and VMware Tanzu Application Platform, deliver just this.

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VMware enhances IT modernisation

Streamlining IT processes is not just a cost-saving strategy – it’s a necessity for organizations to remain competitive, secure, and adaptable in today’s hybrid work landscape.

This week at VMware Explore, VMware announced advanced automation capabilities and expanded third-party integrations delivered through the Anywhere Workspace platform that provide organisations with the tools needed to simplify IT workflows, enhance security, and improve overall efficiencies.

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